I’m back, apologies for the long pause in posts

So as you will see over the next few weeks I have not paused in writing articles, but since the last one posted I have moved house. It took awhile to get reconnected to the internet and as such it is not been possible for me to put up any articles for the last couple of months.

There has however been a number of interesting things going on in the Natural World that I have written about and these will be posted over the next few weeks.

Apart from writing these articles I have been trying to work out what the website is for and where it is trying to go next. As such I have included the aims of the site, these fall into three different categories. The first of these is simply to be a useful place to read wildlife information whether this is merely to increase interest or to educate. The second of these is to simplify wildlife travel – at the moment far too complicated. The third of these is linked to the second but it is my intention to highlight destinations to travel to which have fewer people visiting and are therefore under threat to help pay for the expensive cost of conserving these wild areas. In this way my intention is to support the conservation of a endangered animals. Should the second be successful it is likely that some money will come from this and may help allowing direct aid for conservation.

These are, I hope, aims that are supported by a significant number of the people reading this, should you support this work booking your wildlife holidays through this site would be the most helpful but if you are unable to or would just like to support this work month to month do consider supporting it through the links that we will put up in the next few weeks. This is currently a full-time job and I hope is that not only can this support a full-time worker long term but also allow the ability for travel to these remote places so as to be able to add them to the well travelled safari destination. This includes parts of Eastern Europe but also less well travelled parts of Africa such as the Western African savannas.

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