Green solar subsidies capped at £100 million,  fossil fuels given £3 billion – where is the level playing field?

The government has set a total maximum for the amount of money supporting rooftop solar,  through feed-tariffs, at £100 million. This has been stated many times to stop the need for any subsidies in the near future.

Now I can understand this idea,  subsidies are required early in new industries. Why is it then, that with fossil fuel markets being hundreds of years old, the government is subsidising an industry that by the government’s own rules sounds have sunk or been swimming on its own for more than a century? The government is doing this partly through customers bills, to the tune of 3 billion a year.

Fossil fuels need to be slowly phased out. If the government reversed those amounts, within a few years we could probably be well on our way to full green electricity generation.

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