News in brief – Canada nationalising Kinder Morgan pipeline and Waitrose singled out for failing to reduce waste

Canada nationalising kinder Morgan pipeline

Justin Trudeau has successfully made Canada look like an environmentally forward looking government,  but if this pipe gets nationalised all that is likely to go out the window.

Apparently last year Trudeau told a gathering of oil executives no one finds 173 billion barrels of oil and leaves it in the ground,  but as the carbon produced is roughly half of the remaining CO2 allowance if we are to stop temperature rises at 1.5 degrees C that is exactly what needs to be done. This is also unlikely to be a good idea financially. It is estimated that cleaning up the tar sands in Alberta is going to cost more than the development ever made.

He is at risk of leaping from one of the most environmentally respected leaders in the world,  to one of the least in one go.

Waitrose singled out for failing to reduce waste

A new report singles out Waitrose as the worst performing supermarket in the UK for reducing the waste that it chucks out.

This has been worked out on the basis that they are giving only a small amount to charity, have only done limited work with their suppliers to reduce the food waste produced and have no program to send permissible foods to be used as animal feed. This is in direct contrast to with Tesco which has cleared up its act dramatically over the last few years and in 2017 increased its redistribution network by 40% on the previous year.

One of the simple things that could be done to reduce waste is to scrap ridiculous European rules on the bend of bananas or the shape of other vegetables and to allow 100% of acceptable fruit and vegetables to go from farm to shop. It is clear though that as we are going to catch up or mash up or boil virtually all the vegetables, the shape of their unprocessed form is of complete irrelevance to their taste.

Another complaint is overzealous best before dating, which leads to fully edible food being chucked just in case.



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