Climate change sceptics increasingly attacking the scientists rather than the science

In an interview last year Tucker Carlson bought in a physicist from MIT and then berated him over his, and the generally accepted, views on climate change. In this interview Tucker Carlson stated many facts that were totally incorrect.

It was an absurd interview, and would only be tolerated by a channel like Fox News. However while Fox News is more willing to openly state things that any reasonable person would be able to refute, the interview would be improved if an interviewee was allowed to appear and speak without being interrupted by the host. This behaviour is not restricted to far right wing news channels but unfortunately happens in many other places.

Many of these outlets, if challenged, will state that the numbers generated were changed in some way by the scientists. In recent years unfortunately there has been a climate scandal that started in the UK University of East Anglia.

This group edited a graph by smoothing out bumps in recent periods, to remove any drops in the average temperature. This was underhand and foolish, particularly as accepted for publication in a serious magazine the underlying data would have to be presented alongside the analysis done. Having said that, this was an attempt to make the graph look clearer than it was, but the underlying evidence is extremely clear. The fiddling of the data was not required.

The organisations that made the biggest fuss over this con have continued to point at this as a reason to not take action despite further mounting evidence showing that climate change is taking place and indeed accelerating, and that therefore we still need to take action as fast as possible.


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