Selous game reserve

The Selous is a vast area of savannah wilderness, in central Tanzania. Much of this reserve is set aside for hunting, but the reserve covers 50,000 square miles. As such the 5% set aside for photographic safari (this is the area with the highest density of game), is still large. The Selous has around a quarter of the world’s remaining wild lions,  and indeed lion encounters are almost guaranteed.

Only around 2000 people enter this huge area each year,  which makes it different to most other reserves. All animals you see will be found by you, but you will have them to yourself. The pace of the reserve is far slower than more busy reserves elsewhere.

It is quite an expensive park to visit, but all the private camps are luxurious. There are 2 public camps, and these are also very comfortable (though in these you look after yourself).

A trip to the Selous may be expensive, but will be a time that you remember forever. Only around 2000 people enter this huge area each year,  which makes it different to most other reserves. All animals you see will be found by you, but you will have them to yourself.

My trip was highly rewarding, with some wonderful encounters. While this can be complex to arrange on your own, any of the links below can give you a relaxing luxurious experience.

You can book the following Selous lodges and camps below:

Selous Mapumziko Lodge

This lodge is actually 1.9 miles outside the Selous game reserve boundary,but in the centre of the ecosystem. While this could be a problem in other smaller reserves it is not here. There is no fence around the selous at all. The animals can come and go as they want, and so wildlife sightings in the surrounding area will be similar to within. The rooms are highly comfortable. There is a 24 hour front desk, and a bar. There is views of the river here.

Selous Kinga Lodge

This small lodge has only has 10 luxury air conditioned rooms, with balconies and all overlook the river. Services include a restaurant and laundry services and has a fast wired internet connection and small library

Selous Wilderness Camp

This camp is also situated on the Rufiji river, with stunning views. There are 9 authentic safari tents, and 2 family bandas, so it will never feel crowded. They arrange walks from the camp.

Selous Jimbiza Camp

As with the other camps Jimbiza camp overlooks the Rufiji river, and is spread among trees – usually with bush babies to watch in the evenings (fascinating small primates). It has a small pool, but what makes this special is the views you can see from your huts or tents.

Selous River Camp

Public camps – we stayed at Lake Tagalala camp

The public camps are cheaper, however they consist of a long drop toilet, a shelter and some space for your tent. we loved our time in these camps as many nights we had the place completely to our selves. Being so small and often empty, the animals do not keep away. One night a lioness visited the camp while we ate – a moment we still talk about often.

While these are $25 dollars a head, you also have to pay a further $50 dollars a night for a night guard. The fee is the same regardless of the size of the group, but will be due even if the night guard is there with a different group.PP

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