Water Chevrotain

The water Chevrotain is the only species that lies in the Genus Hyemoschus, which is one of 3 genus in the family Tragulidae. Chevrotain means mouse deer

It should be noted, that while in Africa there is a clear understanding between Chevrotain and mouse deer in Asia these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. The water Chevrotain is the largest in its family, though this is not saying much as it is the size of a large dog.

Unusually, while the males are around 10kg, the females are around 12kg,

Found in the tropics of Africa, it is usually found in coastal areas, though it can be found all the way from Siera Leone to Western Uganda.

It is exclusively nocturnal, foraging for food in clearings in forests. Fallen fruits, such as figs, palm nuts, and breadfruit makes up the majority of his diet. However, it has been known to eat insects, crabs, and evenĀ  scavenged meat and fish.

They are exclusively solitary, only coming together to reproduce and to fight. they are heavily territorial.

Population is estimated at 278,000, and it is found through much the forests of central and western Africa

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