Vietnam mouse-deer

Vietnam Mouse-deer

Vietnam mouse-deer are found in Vietnam, but has only been seen 4 times in the wild. The 4 specimens that we have, were traded in this area but could well have come from else-where.

After this, it was not spotted again for 80 years. In 1990, when a body was bought from local hunters. This was originally mis-identified as a Javan mouse deer, so it was not until 2004 that it added any information.

Given the heavy deforestation that has hit its home, and the high hunting pressure, there was a fear that this animal was already extinct. in 2019 it was discovered in low-lying forests on the South coast of Vietnam.

Camera traps have been set, but it is clear that local hunting is still a threat.

Should this species recovery become more clear and tourism begin, we will add any links below the news section below.

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