Ukraine is a country in central Europe. The second largest country in Europe, only the European section of Russia is bigger. Now for a variety of reasons, many species that are otherwise wide spread in this part of Europe are only found in specific parts of Ukraine, never-the-less, there are a good number of these areas in Ukraine.

As a result, while a holiday anywhere in Ukraine is unlikely to lead to wildlife opportunities, in specific areas there are a great many.

Wild areas of Ukraine include the Carpathians (which lie in Ukraine’s western area) and contain the central portion of the Carpathians. About 20% of the Danube delta lies within Ukraine, in the far South west. Polesia is a wilderness area that is found across Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Russia and hosts bears bison wolves and Lynx.  Another famous wilderness in Ukraine is the site of the nuclear power station of Chernobyl.

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Wolves are found across much of Ukraine, as you can see from this distribution map. There are particular areas where wolves have survived in periods of higher persecution (such as mountains and the area around Chernobyl), but currently they are doing well across a wide area. 

A distribution map of wolves in Ukraine

While official figures suggest the bear population of Ukraine is around 350, scientists suggest a figure of 150-200 is more credible. These are found in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Lynx are found in Polesia in the North of Ukraine, as well as in the Carpathian mountains in the west.

Bison were locally extinct from 1917, but have been reintroduced in the Ukrainian Carpathians, and currently have a population of about 350.

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