Tucuxi photo credit Archilider


This is a species of freshwater dolphin from the Amazon basin. Despite being found in rivers that are close to other true river dolphins, it is not closely related. This is why it is classed (and listed in Delphinidae – Oceanic dolphins).

In appearance, it is very similar to bottlenose dolphins, but is different enough to be placed in a separate genus Sotalia. The guinea dolphin is closely related and has been recently recognized as a separate species. It is usually around 1.5m long and was first described in 1853.

It is found throughout the Amazon, and many of its tributaries. They look for food as a group and eat around 30 different types of fish.

Both pollution and dam building are threats to their longterm survival.

It is thought that around 30,000 remain. There is a video of some below (in between will appear any articles written on this species). Below the video, will appear any useful links in seeing this animal in the wild.

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