The Maldives, Indian Ocean

As you would expect the Republic of the Maldives is not entirely protected. However being made up of more than a thousand Islands some of which are tiny coral Islands there are interesting fauna all over the place.

Apart from geckos, lizards and skinks found on the islands, Daryl so yellow bellied sea snakes, green turtles, leatherback turtles and Hawksbill turtles are found in the coastal waters.

There are a variety of birds coming from Eurasia. Dolphins, sharks and whales are all found in these waters including the largest blue whale. Whale sharks are also found here along with stingrays meant to raise and various other fascinating fish species.

While there are large tourist areas within the Maldives that don’t have anything to do with tourism there is also a huge amount of wildlife around the Islands. Even if you go for a relaxing holiday, one afternoon of your time seeing some of the local wildlife can make it clear how important it is to protect it into the future. It is one of the Nations most at threat from rising sea levels as much of the country it’s 2.4 or less metres above the water. Of course while fish would survive rising sea levels, corals are usually very sensitive to depth and therefore much of the wildlife here might not survive.

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