Personal update

My apologies for my stop start writing at the moment. As with many people I am working with my children at home, which makes it a more stop start project than I would like.

There is lots of things changing at the moment as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak. I am trying to keep the news varied, but as you can imagine, the news on wild species is less numerous when the human world is in uproar.

Also of excitement, we should be going live with our first few reserves and lodges in the next few weeks. Apart from trying to fulfil the initial purpose of this website- to simplify wildlife travel, it would be good to get some income coming in to fund the websites work.

Slightly further in the future, our aim is to allow smaller wild places to be listed. I want to help make having wild animals on your land a positive even if you lose occasional livestock. As these places to visit grow, I hope I will have your support (both financial and otherwise) to simplify wildlife travel and make wildlife a more positive.

This should give wildlife encounters and watching opportunities at a range of prices and I hope to gradually build up a big choice

Tim Welby – blog author

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