The incredible mimicry powers of the Lyrebird of Australia

A range of animals have the ability to mimic sounds or sights. These range from aspects that have evolved over time (such as cuckoos, baby cheetah and many more) to those that are learnt.

A variety of birds have the capability to copy sounds that they hear. The lyrebird of Australia is perhaps one of the most incredible. There was a fantastic clip from a David Attenborough programme that showed a Lyre bird copying all sorts of noises that it heard around it.

A clip of a wild Lyrebird copying all sorts of sounds that it hears

Yet, in a recent instance, a captive lyrebird has developed the ability to copy a crying baby that it heard from its enclosure.

This is, in this instance merely rather funny for those listening, but it demonstrates the incredible talents that a lyrebird can use, to copy all the sounds it hears from around it when it is living wild.

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