Uk has just signed you energy infrastructure with Africa and despite Boris Johnson’s promises where do you think the majority of it went

More than 90% of this 2 billion pounds energy infrastructure deal that the UK has done in Africa over the last week is in oil and gas extraction. Boris Johnson open the summit talking about how we breathe the same air and how the climate emergency means we must stop business as usual as carbon emissions heat the planet.

1.2 billion pounds of this will be spent on oil production in Kenya with the majority of the rest going to Tunisia Morocco and Nigeria fossil fuel projects. Just 8% or 161 million pounds went to to green projects being split between a new solar farm in Kenya and the solar powered irrigation pumps in Uganda.

We are supposed to be hosting un global climate summit in Glasgow this coming November. You would think that the government would therefore be working towards the cleanest deals possible. This is an embarrassment to the UK and I hope that come November that is clear.

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