Sooty Mangabey

The sooty mangabey is an Old World monkey found in forests of West Africa from Senegal in a margin along the coast down to the Ivory Coast. They are found in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast, and inhabit both old growth and secondary forests as well as in flooded, dry, swamp, mangrove, and gallery forests. 

Sooty mangabeys are terrestrial omnivores, typically spending around 75% of their overall time on the ground (high for the majority of monkeys that are of similar size. Around 85% of travel time and ~71% of foraging time is ground based. In their foraging behaviours, sooty mangabeys typically consume fruits (around 1 fifth of their diet), invertebrates (~13% of diet), and nuts and seeds (greater than half of diet). While Sooty Mangabeys have never been seen using tools to break nuts, they have been observed scavenging the remans of Coula and Panda nuts, which have been cracked open by chimpanzees and red river hogs. If they are using the sounds of cracking nuts or seeing others responding, is it not reasonable to suggest that their tool to access this food source is the chimpanzees? It is certainly worth thinking about.

Until 2016 this and the White crowned/white naped were considered subspecies of each other.

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