So you have visited somewhere special that you think should be listed?

As you can imagine, it is not possible for me to visit every wild place on the planet. Indeed, even if it was, I would probably not wish to.

This is where you come in.

As a member supporter, you clearly care about the natural world. When you visit fantastic places, help us add them.

What is required:

  • Some pictures – both of the area, and of the wildlife you encountered
  • Some information – where were you, when, what did you do
  • Some local business that you used – the aim of this site is to simplify wild travel. Some sort of contact detail is essential.

Our aim is not only to inform, but also to link to people who would help the travel and therefore benefit the people. So whether you have visited a nature reserve or national park (wild place), or an area where people live alongside wildlife (in the shadow of mankind) or indeed spent a night in a hide, we want the local people to see financial value in the continued survival of the wildlife. By helping us list somewhere, we help the visitors and those living there.

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