So you are going on holiday and would like to know what wildlife there is to see?

Our “in the shadow of mankind” program is an attempt to make sure that locals benefit from wildlife that lives on their doorstep. We hope that this will start to grow naturally, however as supporter members we are offering to research one destination per supporter per year (it takes some time, an increased supporting level will allow further destinations should you require). You tell us where you are heading on holiday, and we will see what wildlife is viewable around where you are.

In many places wildlife is hard to see (while the wolf population of France is growing, not everyone who holidays there, even with the hope of seeing the wolves will get lucky), never-the-less there is something exciting about going out at the right time of day (often dawn or dusk) and exploring quietly – and coming across wildlife. Indeed, while these are not always the most scary animals I would count these encounters as some of the most special. Whether it is a boar in a forest, or a beaver or otter on a river, or whether you spot a wolf or hear one howling in the distance – if we are able to make places where wildlife still roams a destination, and help the locals benefit,

If you fill in the form below, as to where you are going and when in the year, we will research what there is to see. What is amazing is that even in the most wildlife depleted countries, there is still much to see. It might be a pretty local bird, or lizards – barely given a second glance but for those from far away these could be fascinating. 

Please fill in each box below. Depending on where you are and what you are trying to see, fitness required can range from requiring a high level of fitness all the way to near zero -much wildlife can be best watched from a car. In terms of accommodation, we are keen to have all parts of the trip readily available – we will where possible turn each request into a future “in the shadow of mankind” destination. There are hundreds of thousands of interesting destinations around the world – we may as well research destinations that we know people are going to.

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