Slovakia is not a large country in Europe (28th in size) and was also behind the iron curtain. Until the 1990s it was joined with the Czech republic as Czechoslovakia. Oddly, while the Czech republic is largely without large predators, Slovakia is different. The situation is changing in Czech republic so these countries may become more similar, but at the current time, Slovakia has a far more healthy population of various species.

Wolf hunting was only banned in this country in 2021, now is the time for wildlife tourism to grow, so this progress is not reversed.

Slovakia also lies within the Carpathians, and as such has a relatively rich wildlife. As with many countries, historical estimates of wild animal populations were put forwards by hunting groups, which had a vested interest in exaggerating the size of populations, as this allows them to hunt more of the population in question. Wolves are a case in point with some hunting organisations suggesting a wolf population of 1800-2000, yet the more accurate figure is probably between 200 and 400. Wolf hunting was banned in June 2021, so we will see what happens to the population now. The wolves are largely restricted to the North and West of the country.

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There are currently thought to be 300-400 Lynx within Slovakia, with a range similar to Wolves, though as a species that roams less, they are unlikely to use all range.

There are thought to be between 1200 and 1600 bears within the country, which is a good number. This number has increased 3 fold over the last 20 years. Their range is shown in the map below


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