Simmons mouse lemur

Simmons’ mouse lemur is only from Betampona Special Reserve, Analalava Special Community Reserve near Foulpointe, and Zahamena National Park in Madagascar. It is named for Dr. Lee Simmons, former director of the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska. It is the largest of the  of the east coast mouse lemurs. The body is dark reddish to orange brown with black-tipped hairs on the crown and sometimes a stripe down middle of the back. There is a distinctive white patch on the snout and the belly is grayish white to white.

The discovery of this species was announced June 21, 2006 at the Conservation International Global Symposium in Antananarivo, Madagascar, along with the discovery of Mittermeier’s mouse lemur 

The below box will list any articles written on this species. Hopefully, there will be more information about this species coming to light in the near future. We will have to wait for this, to find out if there is enough of this species for a tourism opportunity to come up around this species.

Also, at the current time, there does not appear to be any videos of this species, do send in one if you have one.

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