Saguaro National park, Arizona, USA

Covering 150 square miles, the Saguaro national park is an area of semi desert with many Saguaro cactus. This plant grows incredibly slow, usually only 2.5-3cm tall after  8years old.

Hosting an interesting array of wildlife, it includes a surprising number of predators. Bear in mind that this reserve though small, is surrounded by good habitat, which means that species requiring much room to roam can still spend some of their time within the national park.

Mammals seen include desert cottontails, Antelope jackrabbit, black-tailed jackrabbit, a variety of squirrels and chipmunks. mule deer and white tailed deer live in the area, alongside collard-peccary. Cat species include bobcats and mountain lions, and dog species include grey foxes and coyotes. Black bears are also present. along with coatis several species of skunk as well as ringtails. Gila monsters are among the reptiles that can be seen.

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