Roloway Monkey

Until recently, considered a subspecies of the Diana monkey it is now recognized as a species in its own right. Unfortunately, it is already critically endangered, with less than 2000 remaining in the wild. It is one of the 25 most endangered primates.

As with many primates, it is threatened by the destruction of the rainforest, along with being hunted for the bushmeat trade.

The Roloway monkey is largely an arboreal species (that is, living in the tree-tops), for the most part found in the forests of Ghana and some reserves in South-Eastern Côte-D’Ivoire – primarily concentrated in the Tanoé forest of the Côte-D’Ivoire because of their heavy threats to extinction and lack of habitat. Unfortunately give its large range and rarity, little study has been done on it in the wild, what is clear is that they are different to other monkeys, and are being lost.

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