Lorisidae and Alles

Lorisoidea is a superfamily (each family of mammals is broken into superfamilies and then families, and the genera and then species)  of  nocturnal  primates  found throughout Africa and Asia. Members include the galagos (another name for bushbabies) and the lorisids. As strepsirrhines, lorisoids are related to the lemurs of Madagascar and are sometimes included in the infraorder Lemuriformes, although they are also sometimes placed in their own infraorder, Lorisiformes. However, in this large page, I have put Lemurs beside old world monkeys – should you wish to view them, you can click here for a link back to their section of the page. The above video is a clip of a bbc documentary, and shows the slow loris, which has become a very popular pet, even though this is incredibly bad for the animal.

Lorisidae: is made up of 2 branches: family Lorisidae (which we will deal with first) and the family Galago

Family Lorisidae is split into 2 sub-families, Subfamily Lorisinae and Subfamily Perodicticinae

Subfamily Lorisinae has 3 genera

Genus Loris, the slender lorises (2 species) , Genus Nycticebus which is slow lorises (8 species) and Genus Xanthonycticebus, the Pygmy slow loris (1 species). All of these will be included in the gallery below (in that order). As always, in order to see the page about the animal in question, click on it.

Subfamily Perodicticinae contains 2 genus 

Genus Perodicticus (the 3 species of Potto) and  Genus Arctocebus (2 species) on the second line

Galagos or bushbabies

Family Galago: There are 6 surviving galago genera which we will handle one by one

1. Genus Euoticus, needle-clawed bushbabies (2 species)

2. Genus Galago, lesser galagos, or lesser bushbabies. This contains 2 groups Galago senegalensis group (3 species) and Galago matschiei group (1 species) (in that order)

3. Next we will cover Genus Galagoides, western dwarf galagos (3 species) and Genus Otolemur, greater galagos, or thick-tailed bushbabies (also 3 species) in that order

Now Genus Paragalago, eastern dwarf galagos which come in 2 groups Paragalago orinus group (2 species) Paragalago zanzibaricus group (3 species) and Genus Sciurocheirus, squirrel galagos (4 species)

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