Popup Tents

2 man CampFeuer popup tent

This tent goes up incredibly fast and (with practice) down almost as quick. We used a tent like this for some time and thought it was great. You dont have lots of space inside, particularly when the tent is wet, but going up and down in just a few minutes, it is great for hiking.

                                                                            £35 tent

Active Era® Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent – Water-Resistant, Ventilated and Durable

Like the tent above this goes up and down again reasonably fast. Being more expensive though, the waterproofing is better, and it is more durable also slightly bigger


Coleman Pop Up Tent Galiano, 2/4 Man

Larger tent, coming in two sizes. Better waterproofing so less sensitive to touching the side. As with all these tents, goes up and down fast.

Ranging in price from £45 for the smallest to 108.57 for the biggest

Night camp pop up tent 2 3 4 man tent

Single room but large enough for 4 to sleep side by side. Single room, but goes up and down very fast.


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