Polish Carpathians

While the Polish Carpathians are not vast, only consisting of about 10% of the range, it is still not a small area.

The Polish Carpathians cover roughly 7,335 square miles roughly the same size as the country of Israel or Slovenia.  The Bieszczady mountains is a low range of mountains on the eastern end of the Carpathians teeming with wildlife. A low human population in this area has allowed the wildlife to thrive, and now make this area the most important haven in Poland for Europe’s big 3 predators. Wolves, bears and lynx all thrive here, as well as a large and growing herd of bison, and many beavers.

There are a few bear hides across the area, though as yet we do not have links with any of them.

Beautiful scenery is all around you, and your presence is all that is needed to encourage its protection

Walking in the Polish Carpathians

The below map of acommodation has been positioned on the most wildlife rich region of Poland – Southern and Eastern Poland have the most wildlife. Poland currently has around 1500 wolves generally roaming this part of the country. Therefore, you stand reasonable chance of seeing wolves throughout these whole region, though patience is clearly essential. Another necessity is being out looking early in the morning and during the evening. There are also roughly 150 bears living in this region, so likewise these are there to be spotted.

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