Philippines Mouse-deer

Also known as the Balabac Chevrotain (Pilandok in Filipino) is a small ruminant only found on Balabac and several small islands nearby, such as Bugsuk and Ramos. these lie southwest of Palawan in the Philippines.

It is a solitary (only occasionally seen in pairs) nocturnal animal. It lives on leaves, flowers and other vegetation found on the forest floor. During daylight, it shelters in primary and secondary forests and remains still. At sunset, it moves into mangroves and other open areas to feed- they have also been spotted on the sea shore. It reaches sexual maturity at just 5 months old, and can live to 14. They have just one (or rarely 2) offspring a year, and are pregnant from 4-6 months.

In local mythology, it is considered a trickster (it appears in various folklore in the area) which has lead to it being targeted less than other species. However, it is still threatened by the bushmeat trade and pet trade. The meat is considered a delicacy and the hide is used to make leather. Its biggest threat is loss of habitat as it is transformed into agriculture land.

Unfortunately, while there are 18 areas which are protected, they are not found in any of these so do not benefit.

Outside the Philippines, it is only held in 6 zoos all in Europe, including Chester zoo. 

They are listed as endangered in the wild. Given the low number in captivity, should they be lost from the wild it may well be -permanent

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