Orca in western Canada, Vancouver

One of the best place to see killer whales is off the coast of British Columbia where a population known as the southern residents live. Specialising in eating fish, there is another less well known population called the northern residents.

The southern resident population supports an eco tourism industry which is worth more than the salmon fishery business throughout the whole of British Columbia.

Unfortunately as with many other places the orca are under threat with a number having fallen by around 20% in the last few decades.

Orca are just one of 33 species of whale and dolphin found in the area. it is possible to enjoy kayaking with orcas, or go on a boat cruise boat to look out for humpback and minke whales, porpoise, seals and otters too. Enormous grey whales can be seen blowing fountains of sea water off the coast, as they migrate through the area between April and May.

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