Northern Giraffe

Nothern Giraffe are also known as the 3 horned giraffe


Northern Giraffe in their native habitat

They were once common throughout their range (their range only radically reduced in the last couple of hundred years. Before this, Northern giraffes were found from through Senegal, Mali Nigeria and all the way to Egypt.

Only about 5% (or around 5000) of the remaining giraffe are Northern Giraffe. These are the recognized subspecies of the Northern Giraffe.

  • The West African Giraffe lived in Algeria and Morocco until the Sahara dried too much, and is considered a subspecies of the Northern Giraffe. This subspecies only survives in South-West Niger, where 600 of these subspecies hang on.

  • The Nubian giraffe which still hangs in in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Sudan. It is currently extinct in the wild of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt and Eritrea. Former genetic studies have also suggested that the Rothschild giraffe was a cospecific ecotype of the Nubian giraffe, but there is still much debate. It was listed as critically endangered in 2018 having suffered a 95% reduction in population over the last 30 years.
  •  Kododofan Giraffe is found in Norther Caeroon, Southern Chad, the Central Africa Republic and possibly in Western Sudan. Around 2300 are thought to survive in the wild. Recent genetic analysis showed that all Giraffes in European zoos that were thought to be west African giraffes were actually Kodadofan Giraffes
  • Senegalese giraffe: extinct, but originally found in parts of Senegal, the gambia Mali and Mauritiania until 1970s

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