Noel Kempff Mercado National park, Bolivia and Serra Ricardo Ranco State park in Brazil

This national park lies in Bolivia, close to the border with Brazil. It is a large park, covering 15,000 square km (5790 square miles). It is an incredibly biologically diverse reserve. Perhaps, of more interest, it is one of the least disturbed tracts of land within the Amazon basin. It is a beautiful place with incredible views, huge rivers and stunning waterfalls. 

There is a reserve across the border in Brazil – Serra Ricardo Ranco State park, which protects a further 1500 square km (650 square miles).The park is home to flora and fauna typical of both biomes, including endemic and endangered animals such as the Giant anteater, Neotropical otter, Giant otter. The otters are found in small groups or isolated pairs along the Guaporé River. Other mammals include monkeys, jaguars and tapirs. There are at least 174 species of fish. There are also large numbers of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds.

Containing some of the least disturbed Savanna land in the world, leading into parts of the Amazon rainforest. There are 5 distinct ecological niches within the park. Much of the wildlife found here, has largely disappeared from elsewhere. 130 species of mammal found here. These include river otters, river dolphins, spider and howler monkeys, manned wolves, giant armadillos as well as a highly endangered population of black Jaguars. In terms of flora, the current count of species is over 4000, which includes 110 orchids. There are over 620 birds, and over 70 reptile species. The reserve in Brazil protects the edge of a plateau on the border with Bolivia, which is the region of transition from cerrado to the Amazon rainforest. This reserve is threatened by squatters and various other invaders.


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