Montagne d'Ambre dwarf lemur

Only known from Montagne d’Ambre National Park, and the surrounding area, it was first identified in 2005 and first described in 2015. While there is not a large amount of information on this species, it is clearly endangered and has been listed as such.

Its biggest threats are deforestation in that area, as well as some hunting that goes on this area, which takes them from time to time. Having said this, with a length of 16-18cm (and a tail 26-27cm). It weighs 250-310g, and once you have removed bones and inedible organs, I find it hard to understand why anyone would hunt it. Having said this, it is likely that this is just a species which is taken by chance when it is encountered.

Given the small area that it is known from, and the fact that it was only found in recent time, suggest that there would not be a large population, but this can be anywhere from 50 individuals to several thousand.

What is clear with this species is that more data is required. 

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