The Lesula monkey is found in the Lomami basin of the Congo. Oddly, while having been known to the locals, it was unknown to science until 2007. It was only the second African monkey species to be discovered since 1984. 

Since that sighting, it has also been seen in the wild. Its range is between the Lomama and Tsuapa rivers in the central part of the country.

Its eyes are described as human-like, and has a blue bottom. and has a strange booming call that can echo through the forest where it is found. To hear its call, click here . While it is currently only listed as vulnerable, a species which is only found in a small area can move from vulnerable to extinct in a relatively short time.

When we have any contacts to allow you to see this monkey they will appear below the news section below (given its rarity this news section may remain empty for some time.

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