Lesser Kudu

Found in east Africa, the lesser kudu is a mid-sized antelope. It is from the same family as the greater kudu, so it is closely related, though there are definitely other antelope that are more closely related.

lesser kudu

This species survives exclusively as a browser, usually eating relatively high branches which are out of reach for many of the littler antelope species.

The wild population is thought to be 118,000 individuals, though the population is reducing. It should be noted that 60% of the population lives outside protected areas – this means that while it is currently doing fine, and these wild roaming individuals are able to allow gene flow between reserves, it also means that 60% of these animals are outside fortress reserves (how well these reserves are protected is not always something that could be described as a fortress, like the reserves in places like South Africa) which means that should local attitudes change, this 60% could be hunted relatively easily.

here is a video of a lesser Kudu browsing in the Tsavo west national park.

The current status of the lesser kudu is considered near theratened – not least concern, so while they are not currently in danger, it is a species that needs to be watched.

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