Lavasoa dwarf lemur

Only living in 3 isolated patches of Madagascan rainforest, it is thought that there is only 50 left in the wild. This makes it critically endangered, though Wikipedia merely lists it as endangered. It was only discovered in 2013.

You will notice that above, there is only an image not a video. This is because they do not appear to currently be any videos of this species. 

As you can see, this dwarf lemur is very small, weighing around 300g and measuring around 55cm including the tail.

The Lavasoa dwarf lemur is endemic to the southern slopes of the Lavasoa Mountains in the Anosy Region of Madagascar. It is only found in three small fragmentary forests (Grand Lavasoa, Petit Lavasoa, and Ambatotsirongorongo), located within a transitional zone between dry spiny bush, humid littoral forest, and humid forest. Despite containing some flora from the drier regions, its habitat general resembles humid forests.

These 3 fragments of rainforest are all within protected areas, however, as recently as 1957 this whole area was forested. There is work being done on saving this species, but what will happen still remains to be seen.

Tourists visiting the area, will improve the value ascribed to this species and others that share its range. It can recover from this place, but it needs space to do so.

Perhaps you will be the first to make a video?

We would love to help people visit this are to benefit the local people – do get in touch if you are working in the conservation of this species

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