Lake Nakuru national park, Kenya

Lake Nakuru national park is a reserve just 100 miles from Nairobi. Containing Lake Nakuru, which is well known for its vast flocks of flamingoes – often as many as 1 million strong. The flamingos are there for algae that thrives in the shallow water.

Pelican and cormorants are also present, along with about 400 other bird species.

This reserve is only 73 square miles, but have healthy populations of a variety of species. 

The reserve shelters of white rhino and black rhino, alongside Rothschild giraffes. As a result of these species presence, the reserve is the only fully enclosed national park in Kenya.

Given the size of the park, while there are lions, the population only consists of a few prides. There are also Leopards, as well as buffalo and rhino, only elephants are not present.  Cheetah are present, though hard to spot, even wild dog are occasionally seen, as there are reserves nearby which do have wild dogs.

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