Isla de Malpelo, Pacific Ocean

Lying 500km (300 miles) off the coast of Columbia, Isla de Malpelo is a rock covering 350 hectares (1.3 square miles).

As with many small islands out in the open sea, the waters around this place are a haven for a variety of sea creatures. 

With visibility usually 50m or more, cold and hot water currents hit, and stir up nutrients from deep below the surface. As a result, the largest shark population live near the mount, with schools of 500 hammerhead sharks not uncommon. Hundreds of silky sharks, tuna, and the worlds biggest fish – the whale shark, as well as other fish are a common site. 17 mammal species are regularly seen,  including Pantropical spotted dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and an essential breeding ground for humpback whales.

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