Inflatable Tents

The other tent that I recommend is the inflatable tents. Doing away with the poles and replacing them with inflatable tubes, allows the tent to go up faster.

Another advantage of this, is that an inflatable tube can be replaced, in the past a broken pole was usually the end of the tent.

These are not as fast as the above tents, but they are more spacious, allowing adults to stand upright, and with many having several sleeping rooms inside, make family wild holidays better.

With practice, and the family joining in, they can go up in perhaps 10 minutes. Essentially you first spread it out, peg it down, and inflate. That is it.

Vango Odyssy airbean family tent.

With darkened sleeping rooms and a rapid setup time, this can be quite a palace compared to what existed before. Everything inside is attached to the main tent, so once the shell is up you are done.


Vango Airbeam Portland Tent, Grey, Size 400

This tent is really very similar to the tent above, but by removing the awning you save money. Sleeping 4 in one room (darkened) high enough for the adults to stand up.


Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent with Sun Canopy

Huge tent, with space for 8, across 3 sleeping rooms (2 doubles and a 4 person room). This can be bought with or without a groundsheet (this is the difference in prices below. The peak height is 2m so standing straight shouldn’t be a problem. Good waterproofing.

                                                                 £319- £421.78

Berghaus Air 4XL Tunnel Design 4 Person Family Tent

Sleeping 4 comfortably, and with some of the best airbeams in any of the inflatable tents, this is a good tent for small families. Well blacked out sleeping compartments and sheltered outside area as well as living space indoors, this is a tent taht is generous with its space available.


Berghaus Air 6 Tent

Wonderful sized family tent, with space for 6 to sleep, and plenty of living space. Strong enough to cope with hard weather. It goes up and down fast allowing you to move regularly if you wish.


Vango Diablo II 850XL Air Tent

8 man tent with plenty of living space for socializing. With larger spaces for each person, and well designed bedrooms and hanging spaces so there are fewer trip hazards and plenty of space for belongings. The advantage of these beam construction is that the tent his high enough to stand across almost the whole footprint


Vango Maritsa 600XL AirBeam Inflatable Tent

Perfect for family camping trips needing a durable tent, with plenty of living space, put up quickly design, with an enclosed porch, living space and sleeping quarters



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