Indonesia is a range of islands, which have a wide variety of wildlife not found elsewhere

Indonesia is an incredible place. It is the largest archipelago in the world to form a single state, which consists of 5 main islands (Java, Sumatra, New Guinea, Borneo and Sulawesi) and 30 smaller archipelagoes which include a total number of 18,110 islands and islets. 6000 of these are inhabited by humans, and there are a wide range of unique species that live on these islands. 

These islands are in very different states in terms of its conservation status, with Borneo and Sumatra still having significant areas of rainforest, and with their wildlife still hanging on, but on Java animals such as the Javan tiger, and the Javan Orangutan have been lost. The Javan Rhino still clings on – with around 77 left. This is slightly less endangered than the Sumatran rhino but still in series danger of being lost. I hope over time for this page to grow to hundreds of pages and vast quantities of information, but we are only starting here.

Indonesia sightings board - note as pages are made for individual islands, their sightings boards will move to their page (this map is obviously at to big a scale to read it properly.

Links to areas to visit will appear below our list of articles that refer or are about Indonesia.  Please note, while it is not possible to add sightings to this map above. This is because the whole country is is a specific regional ecosystem. Over time every area will become clickable, so that you can access the ecosystem and record sightings.

Help us build up a map of where wildlife has been seen. Add any sightings of mammals that you encounter. As this map starts to be used, we will greatly reduce how long sightings remain free for anyone to see, so that hunters and poachers cannot use this as a resource. The idea is that over time we can build up an idea of exactly where we should look for them.

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Click on the areas of the map to see pages that we have created about smaller parts of this island chain. As we get links which you can use for your travel will be added.

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