Hungary is part of a block of countries which has been particularly unwelcoming to wildlife, and has largely halted the progress of that wildlife from the east of the continent back into the west (other countries in this block include the Czech republic and Austria among a few others). 

Having said that, even in Hungary, progress is being made. There are now 50 wolves living within the borders of Hungary. Unfortunately, this population is stable, so while Hungary is unlikely to loose their wolves again any time soon the population is also not growing.


As you can see, wolves have only a small presence on the edge of the country, however this will hopefullly change over time

Bears are animals that roam over great distances, and as such there is an increasing number of bears visiting Hungary each year. It is true that as yet this has not resulted in a permanent population but this is likely to happen eventually.

Bear Caught on remote camera in the Börzsöny mountains back in 2017
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Börzsöny mountains is a range in the far noth of the country that lies along its border with Slovakia. This is the part of the country where lynx have become re-established. It has also been noted that as of 2018 12-18 wolves were making this mountain range home.


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