Groves dwarf lemur

The groves dwarf lemur was only discovered as a separate species 5 years ago. It is found in Ranomafana and Andringitra national parks and surrounding areas in south-eastern Madagascar. It is 20cm long, with a tail adding 29cm.

Oddly, while noted in a genetic study in 1999, it was not recognized as a species until 2014 and was not described until 2017.

It is found between 750 and 100m in altitude. Unfortunately, despite being found in a number of national parks, deforestation and hunting are still likely to have a negative effect. While it is true, that its size means it is unlikely to be a direct hunting target for humans, that does not necessarily protect it for long.

As with a large number of primates on this list, a stream of tourists trying to see this species in the wild is likely to boost its value to local people and probably help save it. We will add links as we get them, these will appear beneath the news section below.

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