Green or sabaeus monkey

Green or Sabeus Monkey

This monkey is found in many habitats ranging from the dry edge of the Sahel region up to the edge of the rainforest. It is also common along the coast, and is known in these areas to feed on crabs. It will also feast on fruits and even invertebrates. In west africa it is found from Senegal and the Gambia to the Volta river. It has been introduced to the Cape verde islands of Santiago and brava close to North Africa, around 350 years ago. It has also been introduced to West Indian islands of St Kitts, Nevis, St Martin and Barbados around 250 years ago, by slave ships on the way from west Africa. There is also a small colony which started from a zoo escape that lives in Florida (Broward County)

They are classed as least concern, so certainly at the moment, they are not facing extinction.

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