Gerp’s mouse lemur

Gerp’s mouse lemur is a species of mouse lemur known only from the Sahafina Forest in eastern Madagascar, near Mantadia National Park. Its discovery was announced in 2012 by a German and Malagasy research team. The Sahafina Forest had not been studied until 2008 and 2009, when Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP)—a Malagasy-based research and conservation group for which the lemur is named—inventoried the forest’s lemurs. A genetic study showed thta it is different to the Goodman mouse lemur, even though they look similar and are only around 40 miles apart.

Unfortunately, there is no protected lands within its range, given their habitat is in lowland forest, which is the most population to clear, its future does not appear to be particular sure.

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