Darwins fox

Darwins fox taken by Fernando Borquez

Darwins fox is always known as Darwins zorro, zorro chilote or zorro Darwin and is an endangered canid. It is found in a few places in Chile and san pedro island off the coast (these two populations have been split for 15,000 years since the melting of a glacier, and are now genetically distinct enough to be considered subspecies. It tends to live in forests in its range,

The Darwins fox has a wide ranging diet. In dense forests, the fox hunts mammals, reptiles, beetles and invertebrates. Elsewhere it eats fruits berries and seeds, Birds and amphibians are also eaten if the opportunity arises, it will also eat carrion although most of its diet is live animals and fruit – as such it is mostly an omnivore, and sometimes a scavenger.

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