Common Patas monkey

Common Patas Monkey

The common patas monkey (also known as the Wadi monkey or the Hussar monkey) is a ground dwelling monkey, which lives throuhg semi-arid areas of West Africa, and even into parts of east Africa. At one time, the east and west versions of this monkey were considered subspecies due to the different colour of the nose. However, the white nose was noticed to emerge during female pregnancy as well as over time as the animal got older.

It is found across Africa in a band, which petters out a few hundred miles from the East coast, merely reaching the western parts of Kenya and Tanzania. It has also been introduced to Peuto Rico. There is no overall estimate for its population, but it is high, and while as with other primates, it risks local extinction, it is not at risk of extinction at the moment.

It is thought that this monkeys relationship to the whistling thorn Acacia may have inspired Dr Seuss character the Lorax.

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