Cocos Island

Cocos Island is a tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean, only 9 square miles in area. It lies 350 miles (550km) off the coast of Costa Rica. The island is as a result of a volcano from 2 million years ago. There are beautiful waterfalls and ravines, with rainforest covering what parts of the island it could get established.

As with many other islands of this type, being the only speck of land, sea currents get redirected upwards, and bring all sorts of nutrients to the surface. 

As you can see from the video, Cocos is one of the best places to see sharks, with common thresher sharks, Silvertip sharks, Silky sharks, Galapogas sharks, Blacktip sharks, Tiger sharks, Pacific Sharpnose shark, Pacific Sharpnose shark, Whitetip Reef shark, Prickly shark, Nurse shark, Smalltooth sand tiger shark, Whale shark, Scalloped hammerhead shark and Great hammerhead shark seen regularly. Some of these are resident, while some are transient.

While many tourists do come here each year, it is not in the biggest numbers as it is so hard to get there.

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