Chikunto Safari lodge- South Luangwa national park

Chikunto Safari lodge lies within the South Luangwa national park of Botswana. with the whole lodge built on stilts, raising it about 1.5m above the plains, you get  a particularly good view of the animals walking past and the Luangwa river.

With a wide range of activities to enjoy, and different ways to see the local wildlife, from game drives and boat rides, to eating outdoors watching the wildlife walk past, or a wonderful picnic when out on an excursion.

Alternatively for a change, you can go for a walk with highly experience guides. Not only will they be able to show you things that you would not usually notice, but they will protect you should you have a particularly close encounter with a wild animal. This is the place that walking safaris were pioneered, and as such they  have huge amounts of experience running these.

The range of animals that live in this area is pretty impressive, and you are likely to plenty of exciting encounters with the local wildlife that will stick with you.

As well as all this, you will stay in a wonderful suite, that will be extremely comfortable

The price for this luxurious lodge starts at

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