Family Tragulidae - Chevrotain and Mouse deer

The Family Tragulidae contains 3 genus. As pages are built for each species they will be accessable by clicking on images below

Genus Hyemoschus Contains just one species the water Chevrotain


Genus Moschiola which are spotted Chevrotain

This is a small even-toed ungulate, found in the forests of India Sri Lanka and Nepal.

There has been little study on these species, so while it is assumed that mid-sized predators would happily take them, it is unclear. An example of the mid-sized predators in this region would be a caracal. Having said this, they appear to be predated just as much, by tigers leopards and dholes.

Currently all 3 species are listed as least concern, though due to significant hunting from humans, it is likely to have a local variability depending on various pressures. It is also a species that relies on forests, which means that in many places habitat loss could be a threat. Having said this, given their size, it should be able to survive in small remaining fragments of habitat that might remain after much of the forest is removed. 

and finally Genus Tragulus which is the mouse deer

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