Central Amazon

It is true that there has been a great deal of deforestation within the Amazon. It is also true that this fragmentation of the Amazon not only threatens the survival of the whole Amazon, but also is a problem for the world as the Amazon rainforest becomes a carbon emitter rather than a carbon sink. However, it is not true to suggest that all of the Amazon is under threat. There are areas of a patchwork of protected areas.

The central Amazon is one of these areas in a better state. These 4 reserves protect land in this area: Jaú National Park 9140 square miles (Jaú National Park is the largest forest reserve in South America), Anavilhanas National Park covering 1350 square miles, Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve which is over 9000 square miles and  Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve which covers 4300 square miles. These 4 reserves cover an area together of almost 25,000 square miles, which is substantial.

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