The Nyala is another spiral horned antelope species which is found in Southern Africa.

nyala – Genus Nyala

Mostly active in the early morning and early evening, they are preyed on by Lions, Leopard and African wild dog. Baboons and raptors will also prey on young members. The main threat to their future survival is a mixture of poaching and habitat loss due to human settlements.

A 1999 estimate suggested that 32,000 of them survived, however current estimates suggest that South Africa has 30,000 in the country, with 25,000 Kwazulu-natal. Mozambique has no more than 3000, while Zimbabwe has around 1000 and Malawis population has halved from 3000 to 1500 and Namibia has just 250.

Today 80% of the population is in protected areas, though they are also popular hunting trophies.

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