Snakes are a huge family, with the msot recent count suggesting there are 4038 species around the world. These are split into 30 families. They are all carnivores and their predatory methods are wide ranging. As well as their adaptions for attack, they also have some effective defences. 

The picture above, shows a spitting cobra. This is a fascinating species, which has developed what amounts to 2 water pistols in its mouth, which it fills with venom and shoots at animals eyes. While its venom could cause problems or death if  injected, it is not set up to inject venom. The problem with many snakes defences, is that if you have got close enough to inject your venom you may kill the animal, but it is also likely to kill or injure you. The spitting cobra deals with this, by spitting at the threat from a distance. Not only is it incredibly painful if the venom goes in your eyes, but if it is not washed out rapidly, you are likely to loose your eyesight. We have been lucky enough to encounter spitting cobras twice. The first time, it was in a stables, and was being killed for the safety of the horses. However, the above photo comes from the second encounter, which occurred on our last trip into the Kruger national park.

In the first place, I am not going to try to list all species around the world (should this website make significant progress, I may do this in the future, but not for now) but instead to list some of the most fascinating. 

These are likely to be continually added to. If there is a specific species that interests you do fill in a species page, and help expand this list

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