Cascade mountain range, Northern California, USA, to British Columbia, Canada

This mountain range stretches up half of the west coast of north America. Current wildlife includes black bear, wolverine, river otter, cougar, lynx and bobcat. Up until the 1940s there was a subspecies of wolf called the cascade mountain wolf, and more recently there were also subspecies of the red and fisher fox in this area as well. Thankfully the British Columbian wolf (often more brown than other subspecies) has begun to recolonize this habitat while this recolonisation is in its infancy, close areas have healthy populations so it is likely to only be a matter of time.

Wolves also appear to be slowly recolonizing (though not the former subspecies). Also Grizzly bears have started recolonizing the far north of the range. They are still very rare in this area, and so are only sighted occasionally (just a few sightings in the last decade)

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