Canadian rocky mountains national park
(world heritage site)

Together four national parks make up this area, and as you can imagine have a wide range of wildlife. Both grizzly and black bears can be found within the reserves, along with both the lynx and the cougar. Both the coyote and the wolf are still doing well. There is a wide range of weasels including wolverines, and as a result of the forest environment the most common weasel member is the pine Martine. Others include ermines, long-tailed weasels, short-tailed weasels, fishers and skunks. Mountain goats and bighorn sheep are both relatively common. In terms of deer species they have moose, the American elk(wapiti) the mule deer and the white tailed deer. 


There are also a variety of small mammals which include the Colombian ground squirrel, the golden mantled ground squirrel, the chipmunk, hoary marmot, the porcupine, beavers, the little brown bat, the horseshoe hare and the pika


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