Bushbuck photo by Bernard Dupont

Also called the Harnessed antelope, the bushbuck is found in subsaharan brush and forests.

Active at night and usually solitary, it is not an easy animal to see. Having said that, our encounters with one in the Kruger national park, have almost always occurred in rest-camps where they will often take up residence, as it is the safest place when it comes to leopards and lions.

It can be anything from redish brown, to black. There are 1.3 million of these in Africa, with them found in 40 countries. The population is coming under threat, as their habitat is turning into housing and agriculture. It is hunted for both its meat and its hide, so that while it is often capable of living in close proximity of humans, elsewhere it will struggle to hang on.

Conservation status is least concern: there is a population of around 1.3 million in africa

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